What I like to do outside of Bloomington

There are lots of things to do in Bloomington. There is live music, plays, local restaurants and fun bars. But I recently discovered some of the places to visit just outside of Bloomington. This past weekend I went to Nashville, Columbus and Edinburgh – all in one day.

Shopping in Edinburgh

If you are like me and you love to shop, the outlets in Edingurgh, Indiana are a great place to visit. The Premium Outlets are less than an hour from Bloomington. I spent two hours shopping and got some great buys – including an entire outfit for less than thirty dollars! Stopping at the outlets was a terrific way to start my day.

The Architecture of Columbus

In order to get to the outlets (my intended destination) I drove through Columbus, Indiana. I was surprised to see how beautiful the architecture is in this town. It turns out that Columbus is the sixth ranked city in the United States for it’s architectural beauty. Other cities in the top six include Chicago and New York. Walking through downtown Columbus offered views unparalleled in the Midwest and most of the nation.

The Art Community of Nashville

In Nashville there are galleries, and better yet, candy stores everywhere! Just walking by them makes my mouth water – I can’t stop in Nashville without buying fudge, but an even better thing to do is Nashville is wine tasting.

Wine Tasting

This weekend I learned that Indiana has forty wineries. Unfortunately I have only visited four. I am trying to find the time to remedy this! I have visited Oliver Winery often – its right in Bloomington. But I thought it was time to visit some of Indiana’s other wineries. I stopped at a winery in Columbus and two in Nashville.

The Chateau Thomas Winery in downtown Nashville was by far my favorite. Their wine selection for tasting was delicious (particularly if you like dry red wine like I do). They also have terrific live music in the evenings. If you are ever in Nashville be sure to check it out.

This was by far one of my best days in Indiana, particularly since I didn’t have to drive far outside of Bloomington to do it all!


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