It’s cold for Stream Ecology!

Hello! I’m back to tell you some more about the classes I’m taking right now and the research I’m working on for my PhD here at SPEA.

First, you should know that the transition from the Masters program to the PhD program was totally smooth. Since I am still getting an advisory commitee together, I have just worked with my main advisor, Burney Fischer, to establish my courses for this semester. Classes for Spring 2008:Stream Ecology-class on Wednesday, lab at 8:00am on Fridays Restoration Ecology-class on Monday and Wednesday morningApplications in GIS-class in the computer lab on Tuesday and Thursday evenings

Let me tell you, it’s pretty cold for stream ecology! Every Friday morning I come down to SPEA at 7:30 and get my waders on and get ready to go. The first couple classes, we couldn’t even measure stream velocity or do substrate analysis because our streams were completely frozen!! Click here to see some great shots of us in the field!

There are four teams each with a stream reach of focus, and all four are within Stephen’s Creek watershed, east of Bloomington. The lab reports we’ve been writing have given me a chance to really explore the variation among the four streams–much of the variance seems to be attributed to each stream’s location (headwaters or futher down) in the watershed. Interesting!

Restoration Ecology and GIS are good classes, too.

I’m working on a term paper right now for Restoration that actually may have some connections to one component of my PhD research–urban forests. The term paper is a literature review, and it will be focused on restoring urban woodlands. The paper is due before the spring break, and when we return from break, we’ll begin our 2nd major project: a grant proposal.

I’m hoping that I can actually do a grant proposal that will be practical for me–one that will utilize the literature review I will have conducted and will allow me to follow through with an actual restoration project that may encompass an experimental design that I can analyze, write about, and include in my PhD work.

We’ll see…

GIS is such a good course. I hope my final project in there will also be helpful for my PhD work. I’ve been working with a shapefile of the street trees in Bloomington. Have a look at the report I co-authored about Bloomington’s street trees!

I have to go work on GIS right now!! Big homework due tomorrow!


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