Black History Month at IU

One of the biggest events in February is the Black History Month. The 2008 Black History Month theme is “Building Our Community: Celebrating Our Past; Securing Our Future.” Amongst the list of events, some of the key speakers include Dr. Terrance Roberts of the Little Rock Nine. Roberts, a recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal from President Clinton, was one of the nine students who were escorted by the army to school in 1957. Another esteemed highlighted speak is Film Maker Raquel Cepeda. Cepeda is an award-winning editor and multi-media journalist, and documentary filmmaker, best known for her work Bling: a Planet Rock. Other events such as performances by Step Afrika! and the African American Dance Company ensure the diversity of activities for this month.

It was just today that I overheard some SPEA students planning a time to meet up for Raquel Cepeda’s speech this evening. Black History Month is one example of diversity-related events available at IU. I can always look forward to activities that are fun yet intellectually stimulating around campus.

If you want to know more about the events of Black History Month at IU, check out:


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