What a weekend!

Hello everyone!

My name’s Ryan and I’ll be one of your new bloggers for the semester.  This is my final semester at SPEA so I’ll be happy to share the going-ons I see and some of the fun info I’ve learned over the year and a half living in Bloomington.

This past weekend was incredibly busy for me.  The hometown favorite, Indianapolis Colts, played for the Super Bowl, a fellow student turned 25, the first opera of the semester opened at the Jacobs School of Music, and I attended some of the festivities for the Week of Chocolate!

I started out by attending a chocolate murder mystery on the high seas to help support a local non-profit.  It was one of the many chocolate-themed activities that helped to support a variety of Bloomington non-profits.  I was really impressed with how many of my classmates had a hand in helping to put all the events on.

Friday night was opening night of Lucia de Lammermoor at the Jacobs School of Music.  It’s wonderful to have such a renowned program only two blocks away.  I’ve been to quite a few over the previous year and a half and I am always impressed by the level of quality of everything they do.  The rest of the weekend was taken up with a birthday party for one of my friends and the Super Bowl.  I guess football is a relatively new passion for Indiana with the arrival of Peyton some years ago, but they’ve taken to it like glue.  Everyone was pretty down after the tough loss, but the atmosphere was still amazing!  I’m starting to think I’ll need to plan a reunion event for 2012 when Indy hosts the Super Bowl.

Now that the weekend is over, I need to get back to the grindstone and get some work done for classes.  Wish me luck!


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