Outdoor life at SPEA

Maintaining a healthy balance between classes, studying, work and social life can be stressful at the very least. A person could go insane trying to be the very best at all of these. The truth is, no one can perform at 100% all the time and after a while it comes down to priorities for each category. One thing that I have found helpful in remembering priorities has been developing a dynamic exercise routine that not only keeps the body strong and healthy, but also keeps the mind sharp and rejuvenated.

As it turns out, Bloomington is a great place to develop your own personalized routine, especially if you’re an outdoors buff!

I like to go hiking at least twice a week. Take a camera if you like, push yourself to feel the burn or just stroll along lackadaisically. If you’re an MSES student, you may want to take a gander at the geology and topography of the land around you. Make some inferences about the travel of water while you’re at it. Identify the trees to the Latin names if you can. Learn the bird songs. This is a great way to put your classroom knowledge to the test. Challenge yourself, but remember to take your time and enjoy your surroundings.

Go explore!

Recommendations: Paynetown State Recreation Area (adjacent to Monroe Lake) SR 446 6.7 mile loop. Travel time via car: 15 minutes from campus.

Morgan Monroe State Forest (north of Bloomington) System of trails. Travel time via car: 20 minutes from campus.

Griffy Lake (northeast of campus) Canoeing and hiking trails galore! Travel time via car: 5 minutes from campus.

Monroe Lake (South of Bloomington accessible via SR 37 or SR 446) Check out the dam or find your way to the top of the cliffs at the spillway! Travel time via car: 25 minutes from campus.

IU Cross Country Course and adjacent woods (north of 10th Street on N Range Road) Run, jog or walk on the course; explore the trails through the woods. Walking distance from campus.


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  1. I really appreciate this information, especially the trails within walking distance. I for one cannot wait for this snow to disappear so the outdoors can be fully realized again. Thanks for the great spots!

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