An Evening with the Dean…

To recognize graduating master’s students, Dean and Mrs. Graham very graciously held an evening of dinner and dancing at the Bloomington Country Club last weekend. We were entertained by performers from around Bloomington, including a group of SPEA students dancing a rueda de casino! Many tables had the pleasure of being joined by a faculty member and their spouse. Professor Michael Rushton, the MPA/MAAA Program Director, joined our table. Ever fascinated with Canadians, especially during these Olympic Games, we simply had to take the opportunity to learn more about curling. It was refreshing to get to know the faculty on a more personal level.

I believe I can speak for the entire graduating class when I say that we felt very appreciated and recognized for the contributions we have made to the School in our short time here. This swanky affair brought our cohort together — just us — for the first time since Orientation. It is remarkable to think how far we’ve come since those first days.

While we have always enjoyed each other’s company, we’re at a place in our relationships (thanks to group projects and copious networking events) that makes it perfectly acceptable to dance like a fool to “Single Ladies”…even the men. I have made lasting friendships through SPEA, and those certainly made the Dean’s soirée an “Evening to Remember.”

SPEA Students

Dean and Mrs. Graham


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