Kickboxing kicks….


Three times each week a fellow Speon and me go to the Student Recreational Sports Center (SRSC) for a group exercise kickboxing class. We have found the time and dedication to kickbox and it turns out that we REALLY enjoy the class. I even skip watching my favorite shows to go to class! There are a couple different class leaders throughout the week, but I like the woman who leads Friday’s class the most. The kickboxing class can run from 45 -75 minutes depending which day you attend. Friday’s class is 75 minutes and includes 30 minutes of strength and stretching (so nice and a good workout). As I would fall closer to “bum” than “Olympian” on the activity range I’ve found that the group activities offered by the SRSC and Health, Physical Education and Recreation Building (HPER) (a second gym) are just what I need. I’ve also tried the Step classes and a Cardio Core class, so I feel comfortable stating that there is a class for every type of person (even us bums). So, I suggest that you check out the SRSC or HPER while you are here. Make sure you wear good sneakers because mine don’t have enough traction on the gym floors and I tend to fall off/over frequently. I’m pretty sure it is the shoes fault ;-).  The faculty even uses the facilities so you might catch a glimpse of your professor while running on the track.

Now get up from in front of that computer screen and do 15 jumping jacks!


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