Reflection on an Experience Day of the Past

I remember booking my flight from Seattle, WA to Bloomington, IN for Experience Day 2007.  I was finishing my final quarter of undergraduate work at the University of Washington and in my sleepy stupor I accidentally bought my ticket for Bloomington, IL instead!  Luckily I realized my mistake about 15 minutes after purchasing the ticket and reviewing my itinerary so I didn’t actually end up flying to Illinois.

Despite this initial setback, the rest of my Experience Day planning and the Experience Day itself went extremely smoothly and I greatly enjoyed my time in Bloomington.  The action packed schedule that was prepared for us allowed me to speak to current students, professors, staff and advisors.  I remember feeling extremely welcome and at ease because I was able to stay with a current student and immediately upon my arrival I went to dinner with a few current students who were all very eager to learn more about me and my future plans.  The next day began relatively early with some great speeches from current students and alumni.  I also recall breaking out into different concentration sessions and having the opportunity to ask questions of different faculty members.  We also took a tour of campus and were introduced to some of the great resources that IU possesses.

However, in my opinion, one of the best parts of Experience Day was meeting the other prospective students.  When I came to SPEA in the fall, I realized that I had already met many of these awesome individuals during Experience Day!

I think Experience Day is a great way to learn more about SPEA and really helped me arrive at my decision to attend SPEA.  If you are a prospective student, I wish you luck with your decision, and I hope that you consider Experience Day 2010!


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