And this is why SPEA is different…

Yesterday, I was getting a cup of coffee at James’ cafe in the Atrium (very convenient) and Ray Clere, Director of Career Services, was doing the same. Ray asked me how the job search was going  and specifically referenced a position that I had applied for at the beginning of the month. I had used the Career Service office’s ability to make the application “spiffy”.

Now, in other schools you may not have the same community that SPEA has. It’s not as though I see Ray everyday but he still knows who I am and remembers what I’ve been doing. We’d only had a single conversation about the  particular position but he remembered. It’s like this with most of the faculty and staff. They care about us students! We are more than just a source of money to them! They will help us out if we are having problems or even just stop in the hall on the way to a meeting to say “Hi”.

This is part of what makes SPEA different from other schools. And I happen to think that it’s pretty darn great.


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