Looking to the summer ahead

As the transition to summer gets fully underway, many SPEA students will transition into exciting summer endeavors.  While we will sadly be losing all of our current bloggers to the likes of GE and the EPA, the first years (such as me) are embarking on our own exciting journey.  I will have the privilege of working with Dan Canada, older brother of Geoffrey Canada, in Columbia, SC as we work on creating a Promise Neighborhood.

A little background: the Harlem Children’s Zone is a 100 block area in Harlem that provides social services and education to the community within that area.  President Obama has been so impressed with Canada’s all-inclusive approach that he is seeking to create more such neighborhoods throughout the U.S.  To that end, the Department of Education recently announced a $10 million program to reward up to 20 applicants money to organize a neighborhood.  I will be working on this application with a core group of individuals ranging from Ph.D. students at the University of South Carolina to staff at the United Way of the Midlands.

I am very excited to be on board and going after $500,000 for the great citizens and students of Columbia.  I had the privilege of working for City Year Columbia for 2 years before SPEA and look forward to addressing the poverty and education inequities our students face.  To stay in touch with you all over the summer, I will be posting updates as they happen and we go through the rigors and trials of government applications.  Additionally, I will be posting updates that pertain to SPEA and nonprofits that are taking place in the United States.  Nonprofits are a major part of our society and once you begin looking for them, you will see them everywhere.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please comment to the blog or send me an email at angeary@indiana.edu.  I am looking forward to meeting the incoming students (if you are around Columbia, hit me up) and my fellow classmates when we return with additional experience and expertise.  Talk to you soon!

Link: http://www.ed.gov/blog/2010/04/promise-neighborhoods/ | http://newsok.com/school-districts-tulsa-foundation-apply-for-grant/article/3458091 | Paul Tough – Whatever It Takes (Book)


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