Should I put this on my resume?

Greetings to the 2010 summer! As I was detailing my manager’s car in classic Columbia heat, I was thinking to myself: a) this is never on the job description, b) at least I get to drive this car, and c) I should blog about this. While the life of an intern is certainly glamorous, some days are a little more dirt than glitz.

We have been pushing really hard in the last 2 weeks to obtain final estimates to have our pool up and running by the end of the summer. I have talked to every pool person within three states and pretty sure there are a few that are now screening my calls. The Retreat was blessed this week with a donated pump that is exactly what we needed and made me smile that all of the calls and connections created results. The pumps retail for $8000, so needless to say our budget also smiled.

There are a lot of regulations when it comes to pools, as I am sure many of you can fathom. I have met with so many pool companies and South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control (which graciously also gave me a large rule book) that if anyone needs information regarding pools, I am your person! It has been a lesson in finding every link and following it energetically to the end. Furthermore, through Steve’s connections we have started planning a fundraiser in Chicago for the pool (we need around $75,000 to get the pool up to code). This is where our great professors come into the story.

We started receiving bids from local consultants to help us with the fundraiser. In one of the bids we received, I was confused by some of the terms of the contract. I immediately emailed Professor Gronjberg, who not only is a professor I have been blessed with having (and will have again), she wrote the book on fund development. She kindly emailed me back (3 times, while on vacation) with very helpful answers. In a time when I was wading through a new occurrence for myself, she was there to help guide me at a moment’s notice. These are the kind of things that set IU apart from every other school.

So life is well here (and really, really hot). I advise you to see Toy Story 3 if you get the chance. I will close with a brief story: One of my campers today, she is 7, and I were playing basketball. She made the nice comment that I was good and asked me if I knew Michael Jordan was good as well. I said, “Why yes Allison, he is very good.” She responded with, “I know. I read about it in social studies.” Great to hear my childhood heroes are now in the next generation’s text books. Onward we go.


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