SPEA perspective from international student

I love SPEA. I love the environment in SPEA, love the people in SPEA and I am going to tell you why.

It has been more than a year now, but I can still remember why I chose SPEA in the first place. My decision was made right after Experience Day, the day where I felt a strong, positive attitude from every SPEA staff member and student. My mind was thinking: wow! I never knew that studying could be so pleasant. This is definitely where I want to be!

It is my second year in SPEA now; does my feeling toward SPEA change when the time goes by? It is true that SPEA gives me a lot of work. It is true that sometimes I have to stay in the library until 2am. It is true that sometimes I wish I didn’t choose to be a graduate student. But in SPEA I always find a good reason to be positive. At SPEA, group meetings are not just group meetings, they are times when I regain my courage from other people. The SPEA Atrium is not just an atrium; it is a place where you know you are not alone. SPEA is filled with people who think positively and it is hard to not be involved in this theme. Overall, if you wanted me to describe people in SPEA in one word, I would say “comradery.” So overall, have my feelings changed? Definitely not!

– Celia


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