The Perspective of a Small College in a Big World

Like many of you, I did not attend Indiana University for my undergraduate. I attended a small liberal arts school of 5,000 students. As an economics major, I worked frequently in the business school in close quarters with my professor, in which I was a research assistant. I became use to having deep and intellectually engaging conversations with professors, adjuncts, and the administration. I knew everyone on a personal basis, and they knew me. I thought this is the way college should be…

Indiana University is a major research institution. The student population is in the tens of thousands. Needless to say, I was not used to this size. What am I getting in to? Well, I can safely say that all my fears were unfounded. As many of you may already know, your first interactions with the Masters Program Office (MPO) make you realize this is different than other schools. From quick reply emails, prompt phone calls, and helpful answers to your questions, the MPO cares intensely about providing the best service and help to every prospective and current student. While you may be tempted to say “They are in recruitment,” let me tell you it is completely sincere. Okay, you may say you are with me on the MPO, but what about the professors…

I shared that same concern. These are powerful and respected professors at the top of their fields – will they have time for me? Will they want to hear my passions and future goals? Yes and yes! From using the full scope of their interconnected networks to helping you with a tough economics concept to hearing your career goals, these professors always take the time to invite their students to sit and share. I know it is hard to believe – I was surprised to say the least – but it is nonetheless true. As a fellow colleague told me, “It is a large university, but the longer you’re there the smaller it seems. I like that about it though because it feels like home so fast but there’s always something new to discover or do.”

From the MPO to the professors to the student body, each will create benefits and add to your experience.



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