Role of Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a representative organization elected by the SPEA student body.  GSA advocates for student interests with the administration and plans various events of both a professional development and social nature.  Upon arriving at SPEA in the fall, you will quickly become familiar with GSA through its various orientation events.  This past orientation, GSA organized a cook out, bowling, a live music experience at the local concert venue, and a night of socializing at Bloomington’s favorite brewpub.   I remember my SPEA orientation mostly for the relationships and connections I created through these events.  The fun does not stop at orientation.  Throughout the year, GSA has many events to bring and keep SPEA students connected.

I know GSA not only as a beneficiary of their advocacy and events, but as the treasurer of the organization.  As treasurer, my primary responsibility is maintaining the finances that allow us to execute event and making recommendations on costs and revenue.  Secondarily, I sit on the executive board and contribute in any meaningful way I can.  In this capacity, GSA has been a great networking and professional development opportunity.  And GSA is not the only organization of its type in SPEA.  SPEA boasts many student organizations with diverse interests and ambitious agendas, allowing students to take the lead on a wide number of projects and issues.

SPEA nature as a professional program means that the connections make with your fellow students is very important.  GSA and the other student organizations at SPEA do a wonderful job of fostering these connections.



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