Dream Internship

As the school year winds down and I anxiously await the end of finals, I have begun to shift my focus towards my (dream) internship this summer. I will begin my internship at the Regulatory Affairs Group within Dow AgroSciences in Indianapolis on May 9th. My goal for the summer will be to assess the future sustainability of the current active ingredients of their crop protection products by determining the effects of these ingredients on the environment.

Even though dream internships are usually available to anyone who searches for them, this internship opportunity wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance from certain individuals within SPEA. Dow does not directly advertise regulatory affairs internship positions on their website. Although I am sure they consult with other schools in the area, Dow consults directly with SPEA and asks SPEA to recommend students for these positions. I was very fortunate to be recommended for this position and even more fortunate to be offered it.

Although SPEA doesn’t have an agriculture policy concentration, opportunities like this can arise at any time at SPEA. I have taken the courses that allow me to build the skill-set that would assist me to succeed in any field. Additionally, I have been able to apply my knowledge to my interests in these courses to complete research papers. For example, in my first semester as a graduate student, I wrote a paper on the regulation of biotechnology in the U.S. I am also about to complete a paper on the economic feasibility of algae biofuels. And now I can take this knowledge into my internship and a future job.

Since I just can’t get enough of SPEA, I will be blogging about my internship throughout the summer. Hopefully this will allow you to see what kind of experiences awaits you if (and when) you come to SPEA. For now though, good luck if you have finals and have a happy summer!



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