Grace’s Summer-June Blog

As my summer began, I have enjoyed interacting with prospective SPEA students through my work with the Master’s Program Office. It is always exciting to speak to prospective students, explaining the wonderful atmosphere at SPEA and how the SPEA curriculum prepares you to be extremely successful. I have personally found this to be true within my own internship search.

Next week, I will begin my summer internship with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Chicago for the Healthcare Advisory division. I discovered this position through a SPEA Office of Career Services posting, and through guidance of a SPEA Career Advisor. Before I began at SPEA, I never considered a career in consulting. I had no knowledge of the profession, and was unsure if it would be good fit for me. During the fall semester, the SPEA Office of Career Services scheduled multiple consulting firm visits. Each firm gave an overview presentation and scheduled on-campus interviews with students for both internships and full-time positions. After meeting with a few firms, my eyes began to open to the wide possibilities with consulting.

Through this summer internship, I hope to discover if consulting is my desired career path. I am most interested in the variety of projects, gaining knowledge of the healthcare field, and being exposed to the world of consulting.

I am very excited to be moving back to my hometown of Chicago, eat deep-dish pizza, spend lots of time with my family, and begin an exciting internship!

More updates and blog posts to follow!


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