Basketball Games and Other Fun Activities

This year has been a great one to be an IU basketball fan!  Graduate school definitely takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but I always find time to take in a basketball game or other sporting event on campus.  As a huge sports fan, witnessing IU’s win over the No. 1-ranked Kentucky Wildcats in Assembly Hall was definitely one of the highlights of my time here in Bloomington.  I’ve enjoyed seeing this Hoosiers basketball team take shape and become successful!

IU has 24 varsity sports and attendance for most of them, other than football and basketball, is free for students.  IU is rich in athletic tradition and I have enjoyed all of the football, basketball, and soccer games that I’ve attended.  Going to these events has also helped me feel more a part of the IU and Bloomington community.

Besides IU-sponsored athletics, there are other opportunities for SPEA students to be involved in team sports.  IU offers intramural sports leagues in football, basketball, soccer, and others.  SPEA usually fields a couple of teams in each of those sports, and while we may not always win the championship, everybody always has fun!

The Bloomington community offers numerous options for staying active if organized sports are not necessarily your style.  There are two main workout facilities on campus—HPER and the SRSC, which are both available free-of-charge to IU students.  For outdoor options, you can visit Bryan Park (with tennis courts, fields, and a running trail), the B-Line for biking, walking, or jogging, or you could even venture to Brown County to go biking and hiking in Brown County State Park.   I’ve even heard that you can go Holler Hoppin’ (zip lining) in Brown County!

For me, attending sporting events and staying active has been a vital part of my SPEA experience and I have never been disappointed with the numerous options IU and Bloomington have to offer.


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