The Energy Leaders Student Association

Today we have a post from guest bloggers Eric Fisher and Tyler Lloyd.  Eric is a first year MPA/MSES student in the energy concentration.  His main interests at SPEA are energy resource production and electricity market structuring. Tyler is also a first year MPA/MSES student in both the energy and EPNRM concentrations. He is also a Peace Corps Masters International Candidate. His interests at SPEA include federal energy policy, international development, and all levels of agriculture.

And so begins our popcorn narrative:

Tyler: Last semester, Eric approached me with the idea of starting up a graduate club centered around the energy concentration at SPEA. I was excited about this venture, as I had recently been looking to the future and was desiring to find resources to advance my academic and professional career. Eric’s idea brought to light something that I had overlooked: that my peers could be that resource, by means of a well focused student energy organization.

Eric: I knew that Tyler had gotten some experience with creating student organizations in undergrad. He agreed that even with the other student groups at SPEA, there was still room for an energy-focused group to help keep members up to date about events in the energy industry and to help them take advantage of job and career opportunities. We asked around and found out our classmates also thought they could benefit from a group with those goals.

Tyler: We began to compile a list of what we wanted our club to be. What would we do? How would we operate? Our friends in the energy concentration helped us put together this list which we then polished up and put into a formal constitution. Once we had everything well laid out, we approached the faculty to get their input, which was overwhelmingly positive.

Eric: We also spoke with the Masters Program Office and held a student interest meeting. We knew the club would have the best chance of succeeding if we took input from everyone in SPEA who had an interest. After making a few revisions based on that input, including changing our name to more accurately reflect the goals of the club, we were able to register with the University this week.

Tyler: I look forward to working with my peers as we build the reputation of the energy concentration at SPEA. We’ll be holding a career panel in the fall and working to bring in speakers from federal agencies and private organizations. Our end goal is to have SPEA be the first stop for energy field employers who want the best and brightest minds.


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