SPEA’s International Night 2012

Today we have a guest post from Meagan Breidert, MPA Candidate ’12.

SPEA’s International Night is a notoriously popular event with attendance growing every year. As the Volunteer and International Student Services Coordinator, I am charged with planning the event with the support and insight of the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and the International Student Community at SPEA.  As any good SPEA student would note, the trend is for the event to continue to grow as word of mouth spreads and also as the student body grows.

This year I am proud to say we had over 200 guests including faculty, staff, administrators, and students of all levels. The high attendance rate can only be attributed to the growing interest in all things international at SPEA, but also the stunning variety of countries represented. With over 20 countries like Togo, Paraguay, and Vietnam hosting tables offering samples of traditional delights and scenic photographs from some of the most remote areas on the planet, there was no shortage of entertainment. If the food and photographs were not enough, the museum’s Gallery of Asia and the Ancient World was open for an exclusive SPEA-only after- hours viewing. Around 6:30pm guests were treated to a surprise flash mob performance with a Bollywood theme.

This event is truly a great way to appreciate the diversity of experiences held by SPEA students. Undergraduates interested in Peace Corps service are able to learn from those who have returned, faculty and administrators can see their students outside of the classroom, but most importantly, students can relax and mingle with each other in a stress-free atmosphere.


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